Using hydraulic braking clamp system when installing and replacing large incline Conveyor Belts

hydraulic braking clamp system

CLIENT: Australia’s largest gold mining operations, NSW
PRODUCT CATEGORY(S): Conveyor Maintenance Equipment
CLIENT CONTACT: Available on request
SERVICE CATEGORY(S): Supply/ Project Management/ On-site Service



Our client is a large underground mine located 250 Kilometres west of Sydney. Their main conveyor system lifts ore almost 1500m across five flights, requiring heavy high strength belts, seeing high tensions.

Belle Banne Conveyor Services (BBCS) developed a system where the belts can be safely installed during construction in a controlled manner, and then be used later for ongoing routine maintenance and belt replacements.


  • BBCS was involved in the initial design stage and recommended the use of a hydraulic belt clamp braking system.
  • The BBCS Hydraulic Clamping System was standardised across all the client’s conveyors where there was an incline that had the potential to create loads that small portable clamps could not safely be used.
  • The new system was adopted as the installation tool for the belts, and also for the belt maintenance clamping system.
  • The clamps were rated to 35 Tonnes which was the load generated by the largest of the inclines.
  • Each conveyor had key locations nominated where the clamps could easily be fitted to carry out routine tasks for the 50 year mine life.
  • After the initial installation, the site personnel were trained in using the clamps, and are now carrying out previously high-risk tasks simply and routinely.


  • A previously challenging process is now a simple routine job.
  • No injuries, incidents or delays.
  • Rated and tested equipment is now the standard across an entire conveyor system.
  • The client is confident and competent in using the equipment.


Drift Belts in Coal:

  • Kestrel Coal Mine – QLD
  • Appin mine – NSW
  • Grosvenor – QLD

Incline belts in Hard Rock:

  • Toromocho – Peru
  • Carrapateena – SA
  • Freeport-McMoRan – Indonesia 
  • Oyu Tolgoi – Mongolia


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