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Belle Banne Conveyors uses and endorses Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting Australian manufactured steel cord, solid woven and fabric ply conveyor belting.

Conveyor Belts

Australian-made Products with Australian-made Quality

Our conveyor belts come in a range of options. Whether you need steel cord, solid woven, fabric ply or custom made conveyor belting, we have the right solution for your application. Our tried and tested conveyor belts perform in the harshest of environments designed to serve those in the mining, quarrying and materials handling industries. We find the right solution for businesses of all sizes and have been providing heavy-duty conveyor belting for the Australian materials handling industry since the early 1900s.

We provide a wide range of Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting speciality conveyor belts for your needs. The premium belting solutions include the RockMaster® and QuarryMaster® range. In addition to these premium conveyor belts, we also offer cost-effective economy ranges like QuarryLine® and Duracon®.


Featuring an M grade cover compound best known for its peak quality and performance, the RockMaster® handles its job with the help of a higher carcass designation (PN800/4) that makes it most suitable for tough working conditions and materials handling.


This line of speciality fabric belting sets the benchmark for performance with its resistance to wear-and-tear and extreme durability. The QuarryMaster® line can take on coal, rock, iron ore, and plenty more.


Like the QuarryMaster®, the QuarryLine® can take on coal, iron ore, and plenty more. It is durable, efficient and economical.

Apex HeatMaster

This specialised belt is the go-to solution for transporting high-temperature raw materials across a variety of industrial applications. It carries materials at temperatures over 400°C, with greater abrasion resistance than mining belting.

Custom Belting

Sometimes there just isn’t a ready-made stock belt that fits in all the right ways. Our purpose-designed plant will manufacture custom-made conveyor belting systems to fulfill your requirements with the correct specifications. Check out our product range to find the right fit for your needs.


This fit-for-purpose range is designed to deliver value without the cost of quality. Our Duracon® belts are each inspected carefully and thoroughly before dispatch and provided with a Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting warranty.

Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belts
Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belts

Our steel cord rubber conveyor belts are built for long distances and demanding application across a number of industries. Reinforced steel cord and rubber bonding ensure a longer lifespan for your conveyor belt system.

Conveyor Belts
Fabric Ply Rubber Conveyor Belts

These purpose-designed conveyor belts are customised to best suit the needs of your industry. Custom fabric ply belting options ensure you get the best quality and performance.

Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belts
Solid Woven PVC Conveyor Belts

A durable yet economical option for specialised industries like coal mining, these solid woven PVC beltings are built with anti-static and fire-resistant coating to cope with the intense nature of their use. As a smooth, long-wearing, and easy-clean solution, these belts are built for hardy use and a long life.

Speciality Conveyor Belting
Speciality Conveyor Belting

No matter the scale or steepness of your requirements, Belle Banne Conveyors supplies customised solutions to suit any industry on the market for conveyor belts. Our specialty belts serve operations for quarries, coal mines, timber management, and more.

Conveyor Belt Cover Compounds

With Belle Banne Conveyors, we invest in comprehensive research and development efforts to deliver compounds that make a difference to your business and industry. Whether it’s impact-, fire-, heat-, or even oil-resistant belting systems, we have just the one for you.