Conveyor Rollers, Idlers and Frames

Belle Banne Conveyors are licensed distributors of world-leading steel rollers, equipped with self-cleaning seal assembly parts. As a standout in the market, seals are manufactured to allow contaminants to escape from sealing arrangements and prevent dirt buildup within their parts. Our rollers and frames are designed to maximise operational hours and life span while drastically reducing potential damage, noise and power requirements of belt systems.

Conveyor Belt Rollers, Idlers and Frames
Conveyor Belt Rollers, Idlers and Frames
Conveyor Belt Rollers, Idlers and Frames

Steel, Rubber and Specialty Conveyor Idler Rollers

Each piece of our conveyor system solution is made with precision, ensuring they are a perfect fit and work to their maximum. A combination of reinforced steel, high temperature-resistant plastic, and rubber is used to make up the internal and external capacity of our rollers, ensuring every piece is performing optimally.

  1. Precision HSCR Conveyor Tube - Free from surface flats and internal weld seams
  2. Full MIG weld protected for belt
  3. Shafts are machined from precision hard drawn bright bar
  4. Bearing housing drawn from high quality SPCC cold rolled sheet
  5. Quality shielded deep groove ball bearings
  6. Self cleaning seals using centrifugal force
Steel, Rubber and Specialty Conveyor Idler Rollers

Like all of our products, our idler rollers are made from the highest quality materials. Whether you need steel, rubber, or speciality rollers for your conveyor system, we offer the right fit-for-purpose solution:

Conveyor Rollers Design and Manufacture

Our goal is to engineer and manufacture conveyor belt solutions that withstand the test of time. Accommodating to the needs of niche industries that stretch across the globe may prove to be a challenge to some, but handling complex client specifications is our speciality at Belle Banne Conveyors. We proudly feature our own manufacturing plant to accommodate short lead time roller orders.

Our conveyor rollers are designed to optimise for:

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    Cost efficiency
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    Improved operational hours and life span
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    Easy-to-handle maintenance and installation

Conveyor Idler Frames

From trough frames to pipe transom frames, we carry idler frames with varying belt widths to adapt to the needs of both lightweight and heavy-duty industries.

Conveyor Belt Trackers

Our variety of conveyor trackers are designed to protect your conveyor belt systems and reduce the likelihood of damage while in service. Each tracker is manufactured with the highest quality materials and tested for response time to correct alignment issues and improving belt movement.

Other equipment we offer include conveyor belt positioners and trainers that are installed quickly and efficiently to optimise belt movement without causing secondary negative effects to your conveyor belt systems.

Not sure which trackers or positioners are the right ones for you? Our expert engineers are also always on-hand to provide you with the right advice and supply for your conveyor belt needs.