Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Belle Banne Conveyors offers solutions for handling one of your most expensive assets with the least amount of manual labour and cost. Our goal is to provide products and services that maintain the high quality standards and shelf life of your equipment in the long run.

Our conveyor belt cleaners are designed to remove carryback to improve efficiency, productivity, and worker safety. Each belt cleaner is designed to match the shape, speed, and length of your conveyor belting systems for a more reliable handling and performance.

Conveyor Belt Scrapers and Cleaners

Primary Belt Cleaners

Also known as ‘precleaners’, these are designed for fitting to the head pulley and best suited for removing larger materials. As authorised distributors of leading belt scraper products, we offer cleaners designed and applied to conveyor belt systems with the capability of removing up to 70% of initial carryback.

Secondary Belt Cleaners

Sometimes, primary conveyor belt cleaners don’t always take care of the residual materials. That’s where your secondary cleaner comes in. It situates along the belt line to take care of fine materials for a more efficient conveyor belt cleaning experience. Secondary cleaners can boost your cleaning efficiency by up to 90%.

Our products are carefully custom-fitted to the work environment of each client to reduce operational incidents and downtime in the workplace. Expert technicians deliver cleaner solutions that best fit your key needs. We take into consideration:

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    Environmental conditions
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    Belt type, speed, and width requirements
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    Pulley specifications and conditions
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    Belt pathway
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The Belle Banne Conveyors Benchmark

We work our innovative designs to our customer’s specifications, ensuring they are customised and purpose built for each unique application and environment.

We focus on achieving the greatest return on investment for our client’s assets through solutions that guarantee the best operational outcomes with minimal downtime.