Conveyor Belt Splicing Kits

Our conveyor belt maintenance kits are suitable for steel cord and fabric reinforced belts, designed to cover all your conveyor belt splicing and repairs needs.

Our conveyor belt splicing kits are manufactured locally in Dandenong, with our raw materials manufactured at our Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting facility in Footscray. Each kit is designed to be compatible with steel cord or fabric conveyor belts.

We design and manufacture a variety of conveyor belt splicing kits that suit all belting conveyor specifications, ranging from heavy mining and underground use to grain terminal and quarries. Our conveyor belt splicing kits are manufactured to accommodate a versatile range of environments and belt types.

Belle Banne Conveyors brings over 100 years of experience and advancements to the field of engineered conveyor solutions. When you choose Belle Banne Conveyors, you get unparalleled expertise in efficient, durable, safe and innovative solutions.

Our available conveyor belt splicing kits:

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    Custom compounding
Conveyor Splice Kits
Conveyor Splice Kits
Conveyor Splice Kits

What’s Inside Our Conveyor Belt Splicing Kits?

We provide all the materials you need for conveyor belt splicing in one convenient kit. Each splice kit contains:

  1. A contents list, with use-by dates
  2. Splicing instructions
  3. Dangerous goods information sheet
  4. Solvent, ready for application
  5. Compatible solution and solvent, ready for application
  6. Cover rubber, cut to size
  7. Edge rubber, cut to size
  8. Wire fill rubber, cut to size
  9. End fill rubber, cut to size
  10. Press release cloth
  11. Consumables
  12. Chemical and compound data sheets
  13. Quality assurance report

Each splice kit is carefully packaged into internationally-approved hardwood transport boxes that are fitted with internal controls that mitigate potential damage caused by humidity and moisture. This ensures our kits stay in good condition during transport.

If you’re after more than just a belt splicing kit, we also offer belt splicing solutions.

The Belle Banne Conveyors Benchmark

We work our innovative designs to our customer’s specifications, ensuring they are customised and purpose built for each unique application and environment.

We focus on achieving the greatest return on investment for our client’s assets through solutions that guarantee the best operational outcomes with minimal downtime.