Conveyor Belt Turning Frames

First introduced by Belle Banne Conveyors in 2006, the 10T 90° turning frame has since revolutionised conveyor maintenance.

It is designed to change the direction of the conveyor belt that is being installed by 90°, thereby allowing belt pulling equipment to be aligned 90° to the belt centre line.

Turning frames are great for saving time and effort when handling your conveyor belt turning and acts as a safer alternative to manual turning techniques.

Belt widths up to 2400mm wide are readily available off-the-shelf, with other angles available on POA

Conveyor Belt Turning Frames
Conveyor Belt Turning Frames

Turning Around BHP Billiton

We developed this solution as a collaborative effort between Belle Banne Conveyors and BHP Billiton. With the insider knowledge of their expert senior maintenance planner, we executed a thorough study of the problems and difficulties faced by the mining staff, when conducting maintenance and replacement procedures of their conveyor systems. Working together with the engineering sketch produced by BHP Billiton, we fabricated a turning frame to perfectly fit onto their ROM belt idler holes. The design cut down a 60-hour change-out job, to 48 hours.

This collaboration was a testament to our experience and thorough understanding of the unique requirements faced by our clients to provide the right solution.

The Belle Banne Conveyors Benchmark

We work our innovative designs to our customer’s specifications, ensuring they are customised and purpose built for each unique application and environment.

We focus on achieving the greatest return on investment for our client’s assets through solutions that guarantee the best operational outcomes with minimal downtime.