Custom PVC Conveyors: Streamlining Floral Production for Lynch Group

Belle Banne Conveyors has enhanced efficiency for Melbourne-based client, Lynch Group, as part of their floral production line.

The primary objective of the project was to optimize the production process for packaging. Flowers come in to the Lynch bouquet house from local farms, where they were carefully assembled and prepared as arrangements. Conveyors play a crucial role in streamlining this process, ensuring that the arrangements are efficiently transported along the line.

PVC conveyor belts are known for their durability and versatility, making them an ideal choice for agricultural and production businesses.

Lynch Group engaged Belle Banne Conveyors to evaluate the process and deliver a solution.

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Belle Banne Conveyors has expertise in servicing customers across various industries, including light-weight and agricultural sectors. Belle Banne Conveyors Branch Manager, Grant Potter, shared his insights on this project.

“At Belle Banne Conveyors, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative conveyor solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients,” said Potter.

“With our extensive experience in serving customers in these industries, we were well-equipped to address the unique requirements of Lynch Group.”

The PVC conveyors supplied for the project facilitated the efficient transportation of assembled flowers for packaging.

Time was of the essence for the project; the Belle Banne Conveyors team ensured the conveyors were ready for the busy periods surrounding ANZAC Day and Mother’s Day.

“There was a massive push to get these conveyors ready in time but we delivered and the customer is very happy.”

Brad Dodwell, National Project Manager for Lynch Group, said “The Belle Banne Conveyors team’s skills and capabilities were excellent in moving from a Lynch concept design phase to deliver conveyor equipment that was fit for purpose at our Victorian bouquet house.”

“The new conveyors met our design and concept specifications, along with delivering on the expected improvements in our production process”.

“The equipment was commissioned seamlessly into our operations and Lynch was impressed with the quality of their workmanship which was exceptional; It was evident that they take great pride in delivering equipment to the highest standard.

Ultimately, the finished bouquets made their way to major retailers and supermarket giants in the Victoria region.

The project highlights the diversity of conveyor applications and industries serviced across the Fenner Conveyors group.


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