Reducing shutdown times with a safer and faster way of changing underground belts for Australia’s largest gold mining operations, NSW

underground belts

CLIENT: Australia’s largest gold mining operations, NSW
CLIENT CONTACT: Available on request
SERVICE CATEGORY(S): Supply/ Project Management/ On-site Service

KEY BENEFITS ACHIEVED: Successfully met all the installations. Zero lost time injury-free


Our client is an underground mine located 250 kilometres west of Sydney. Their conveyor belts are inclined requiring high strength and tension and demand more time in splicing. Belle Banne Conveyor Services (BBCS) along with the client’s support, reviewed the process and developed a new splicing system for the shutdown, where each of these belts can be replaced in a similar and faster timeframe as any surface conveyor system.


  • The belts are pre-spliced in purposely mined out chambers using the BBCS flaking system over a period of weeks while the mine is in full production.
  • When ready to change, the old belt is spliced to the new using a shortened dummy (BBCS design) the system is powered by a superior hydraulic pony drive and the old belt is flaked out continuously as the new belt is pulled onto the system.
  • When the new belt is spliced, the next large belt is anticipated to be replaced in under 100hours.
  • After the system is up and running the old belt is rolled up and skidded to the surface in individual rolls.


  • Zero lost time injury-free.
  • BBCS met all the installations timetables, all completed on a 5 day window.
  • The client standardised all their range of equipment, including belt winders, turning frames, flaking stations and winches, all manufactured by BBCS.
  • The improved belt changing method has branched off into several other initiatives in the client’s site.
  • BBCS are currently working with the client in training their team on using the equipment.
  • The BBCS original flaking system, it is now the benchmark around Australia.



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