Boosting Modular Conveyor Belt Performance with Optional Add-ons

modular conveyor systems

Modular conveyor belts are essential material handling systems utilised across a wide range of industries, enabling efficient transportation of goods and materials. To further enhance their performance and address specific application needs, businesses can opt for various optional add-ons. This article discusses the popular optional extras for modular conveyor systems, such as scrapers, conveyor covers, side skirts, metal detectors, belt weighers, and custom impact zones, and highlights the advantages each accessory offers to the conveyor system.


Scrapers, or belt cleaners, are devices affixed to the conveyor system to eliminate residue or debris from the conveyor belt surface, ensuring efficient and sanitary operation.

Scrapers enhance conveyor efficiency and cleanliness, decrease maintenance demands, and minimise material build-up risks, which can lead to belt misalignment or damage.

Industries dealing with materials that tend to stick or create a residue on the conveyor belt, such as mining or food processing, can benefit from conveyor belt scrapers for optimal belt performance and cleanliness.

Conveyor Covers

Conveyor covers are protective shields that encase the conveyor belt, safeguarding it from environmental elements like dust, debris, rain, or sunlight and containing dust or spillage generated during material transportation.

Conveyor covers extend the conveyor belt’s lifespan, reduce maintenance needs, and minimise contamination or environmental pollution risks due to dust or spillage.

Businesses operating in harsh environments or managing materials that generate dust or are contamination-sensitive should consider investing in conveyor covers for conveyor belt protection and a clean work environment.

Side Skirts

Side skirts are vertical barriers installed along the conveyor belt edges to prevent material spillage during transportation and contain dust generated in the process. A conveyor skirt makes the whole transportation process smooth and effective.

Side skirts decrease material loss and spillage, improve workplace cleanliness, and reduce contamination or environmental pollution risks caused by dust or spilled materials.

Businesses handling granular, powdery, or loose materials can benefit from side skirts to enhance material containment and maintain a clean work environment.

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are devices integrated into conveyor systems to identify and eliminate metal contaminants from transported materials, ensuring product quality and safety.

Metal detectors support product quality assurance, safeguard equipment from damage caused by metal contaminants, and assist businesses in adhering to industry regulations and safety standards. 

Industries with stringent safety and quality control requirements, like food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing, should consider incorporating metal detectors into their conveyor systems for product safety and regulatory compliance. 

Belt Weighers

Belt weighers, or conveyor belt scales, are devices that gauge the weight or mass of materials transported on the conveyor belt, providing real-time data for inventory management and process control. 

Belt weighers enhance inventory management, improve process control, and enable accurate billing and reporting of transported materials. 

Businesses requiring precise weight measurements of transported materials for inventory management, process control, or billing purposes can benefit from adding belt weighers to their conveyor systems. 

Custom Impact Zones

Custom impact zones are specially engineered areas on the conveyor belt that absorb the impact of heavy or abrasive materials, reducing wear on the belt and extending its lifespan. 

Custom impact zones boost the durability and lifespan of the conveyor belt, minimise maintenance needs, and lower the risk of belt damage caused by heavy or abrasive materials. 

Businesses dealing with heavy or abrasive materials, such as in the mining or construction industries, can benefit from custom impact zones to protect their modular conveyors and extend their operational life. 

Incorporating optional extras like scrapers, conveyor covers, side skirts, metal detectors, belt weighers, and custom impact zones enables businesses to significantly improve the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of their modular conveyor belt systems. Gaining a thorough understanding of the benefits and applications of these popular accessories empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions when customising their conveyor systems. By doing so, they can ensure that their systems meet specific requirements and achieve optimal results in their material handling processes, ultimately contributing to their success and productivity.

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