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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Belle Banne based?

Belle Banne's head office is located at 63-75 Villas Road, Dandenong South VIC. Our operations are based all over Australia and internationally and we mobilise to remote sites with ease and efficiency.

Is Belle Banne a part of Belle Banne belt cleaners?

Belle Banne is a sales agent for Belle Banne belt cleaners. Belle Banne also supply a range of other belt cleaning products to suit customer requirements.

Does Belle Banne manufacture any products?

Belle Banne manufactures custom products to suit customer requirements.

Belle Banne custom designs belt clamps, belt turning frames, belt winders and let-off stands, belt flaking and pre-shutdown storage systems, conveyor pony drives and auxiliary drive systems for belt change outs, and belt storage systems.

We also specialise in custom manufacture and fabrication of pulley lagging, rubber lining, customised rubber products, splice kits, transfer chute structural and wear items.

What products does Belle Banne supply?

Belle Banne is a quality conveyor belt supplier offering a range of products sourced from the World's leading suppliers:

  • Flexco belt fasteners;used for joining all types of belt constructions.
  • Conveyor Idlers and Rollers; All sizes and types from stock or built to your specification.
  • Belt Cleaners; Scrapers for all applications.
  • Belt Tracking Units.
  • Splice Kits
  • Mechanical belt fasteners
  • Idler frames
  • Pulleys (including design)

We also provide customised products such as

Pulley Lagging; Rubber and Ceramic, Strip and Sheet. Skirt Systems & Impact Rubber; Rubber compounds to suit your needs.

  • Rubber Lining; For chemical and/or abrasive resistance.
  • Belt Clamps
  • Belt Turning Frames
  • Belt Winders and Let-off Stands
  • Belt Storage Systems
  • Transfer Chutes
  • Pony Drives

What kind of maintenance does Belle Banne provide?

Belle Banne provides maintenance services to the mining and materials handling industry, specialising in conveyor related maintenance. This includes belt splicing and rubber component replacement, idler change outs, transfer chute repair and structural maintenance. Belle Banne also provides mechanical maintenance services in conjunction with contracted conveyor maintenance. Belle Banne's provision of engineered solutions includes technical direction and specialist equipment for large scale, high tension conveyor belt change outs. Belle Banne also provides technical personnel to assist customers with asset maintenance management of large mining equipment.

What is contracted conveyor maintenance?

Belle Banne is a quality maintenance service provider, offering a complete solution in a long term contract situation. The company focuses on creating a beneficial long term relationship with the client to ensure exceptional service and satisfaction. Skilled Belle Banne workers are available onsite 7 days per week as part of a permanent maintenance service. Onsite maintenance, tailored to the client has many benefits including; essential preventative maintenance is carried out onsite, there is a reduction in costly downtime, greater availability of required parts, the company has their own personal maintenance team onsite and this is a tailored solution to suit individual requirements. Belle Banne offer quality contract services, which are a beneficial and supporting service, tailored to suit the client's specific situation and plant requirements.

Does Belle Banne provide any other solutions?

Belle Banne also provides engineered solutions:


  • Belt Handling Technology

    We specialize in large conveyor belt change outs, assisting you to minimize conveyor downtime with a safe and economic outcome.

  • Bulk Materials Handling

    Getting your product delivered from loading point to discharge as safely and economically as possible.

  • Asset Maintenance Engineering

    Providing technical knowledge into your maintenance regime to ensure preservation of asset integrity for the planned life of the operation.

What specific conveyor belt handling equipment are you known for?

Over the years we have established a truly unique position in the marketplace for the design, manufacture, supply and contract operation of custom-designed conveyor belt handing equipment such as:

  • Belt Clamps
  • Belt Turning Frames
  • Belt Winders and Let-off Stands
  • Belt Flaking and Pre-shutdown Storage Systems
  • Pony and Auxiliary Drive Systems for Change-out
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