Conveyor Belt Rollers, Conveyor Belt Cleaner & Clamps

Conveyor Belt Handling

We provide total conveyor belt handling solutions to the most challenging and time-constrained jobs with unparalleled expertise and efficiency

Belle Banne has set the industry benchmark for safe, innovative, and efficient conveyor belt installation and change outs specific to underground, overland, transport loading terminal and bulk storage applications.

Conveyor Belt Handling

Over the years we have established a truly unique position in the marketplace for the design, manufacture, supply and contract operation of custom-designed conveyor belt handing equipment such as belt:

  • Clamps
  • Turning Frames
  • Winders and Let-off Stands
  • Flaking and Pre-shutdown Storage Systems
  • Pony and Auxiliary Drive Systems for Change-out
Conveyor Belt Handling

Innovative Design

Our innovative designs are customised and purpose built for each unique application and environment. We work to our customer’s specifications and design and construct to the highest industry standards in achieving parameters for quality, durability and reliability.

Our modular designs are easy and cost effective to transport, install, construct, operate, test and maintain. We specialise in mobilising and constructing conveyor belt handling equipment on project sites in underground and confined space environments.

We invest heavily in research and development and remain at the cutting edge of conveyor belt handling design. We lead the way in design of hydraulically actuated belt clamps and variable angle belt turning frames.

Our team supports specialised design engineers, contractors and clients at the conceptual design phase to custom-design equipment, technical work scopes and procedures for each application.

Installations and Change-outs

We combine our design and supply expertise with our team of professional project managers, engineers and trades to contract assemble, commission and operate equipment on site. This approach delivers the safest and most efficient outcome.

Conveyor Belt Handling Conveyor Belt Handling

Our project teams are highly mobile, flexible and skilled in conveyor belt handling and work collaboratively with other parties to deliver a successful outcome, most commonly on critical path.

No other company has our experience and can provide solutions as safely and efficiently as Belle Banne.

To find out how we can assist you bringing your project to completion, please call Belle Banne 03 9768 4333 or submit an online form.